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Our Vision 

To create a family of advisers and valued clients that mutually support and advocate for each other in order to impact and improve the financial health of our community.

We want to be a pillar in our community that provides shelter, nourishment, stability, and the coolness of shade on those hot summer days of life.

Our Mission

To be a transformational force in our community by creating sustainable wealth, lasting legacy, charitable gifts and purposeful financial plans by advocating for our valued clients, and those people that they care most about, by utilizing a process that protects and maximizes their wealth potential and allows for the control and enjoyment of that wealth.

Our Values

Excellence in Performance as Defined by a Commitment to:

Integrity                     Passion        

Interdependence     Purpose

Impact                        People

Influence                   Planning

Independence          Paradigm

Just like the ancient Greek commitment to excellence in their ideas, architecture, and philosophy has profoundly impacted civilization. Our belief is that focusing on excellence will lead to the most lasting benefits for our valued clients and our community.