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I have been loyal. I have built a career while juggling all of life’s challenges. My diverse roles have often been hard to balance. I have never really had much time to think about what I wanted. Everyone else’ priorities always seemed more urgent than mine. Lately I have begun to realize that my career isn’t challenging me as it once did. I feel like I am going through the motions and putting in my time. I have too many years ahead of me to continue just punching a clock.

I know I have untapped talent. My current job doesn’t encourage me to stretch or grow. I have always been working for someone else. I know if I had the resources and support I could build something. I have always day dreamed about trying to create and develop a business of my own. I don’t need hand holding. I just need someone to point me in the right direction and give a little guidance. I want to maximize the balance of my career and perhaps create a legacy.

I want something that challenges me to grow. I want to impact my community. I want to be part of something but, I want to be heard as well. I need coaching and support but I ultimately want independence. I want to know that what I do is making a difference in people’s lives. I want to get some of that excitement and energy back. I know there has to be opportunities out there. I am just not certain where to start.